What is the youngest age you accept? We have numerous age groups set up, with the youngest we accept being 4 years old. For the 2024 season, the youngest date of birth we accept is 2020.

When does the season begin?  Our program has a tentative start of May 27th (9 weeks). For each individual level’s schedule, please look at the “SCHEDULE” tab on our website.

When will I know what team my child is on? You will receive an email a few weeks before game #1.

When will we hear who is on what team? We reveal each team composition at game #1.

When and where are the games being played? Depending on the date of a game / the level, this varies. Our games are expected to take place at the Arthur-J-Leblanc Arena (Olympic Rink) located at 432 Melanson Street, Dieppe NB E1A 1A6 and the Jean-Louis Lévesque (UdeM) arena located at 450 Université Avenue, Moncton, NB, E1A 3H6. No there will not be games at both arenas at the same time.

Does Goody’s Ball Hockey offer its program year-round? Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer our program at any other time of the year except for the summer.

What is the required equipment? Hockey helmet with full facial protection (full facial protection required for all participants aged 18 under), hockey gloves, hockey stick, soccer style shin guards and running shoes.

My son/daughter has never played hockey before. Is this okay? We accept participants of all skills levels, in all divisions. We are an inclusive organization and welcome everyone, because our number 1 rule is having fun!

My son/daughter wants to play goalie. Do you supply the goalie gear? Goody’s Ball Hockey recommends goalies to bring their own equipment. However, we do have goalie equipment available on a per game basis for all levels (excluding adult levels).

Do you offer divisions specifically for females?   We have a Women’s league for those born in 2008+. Younger levels are co-ed.

Do you play with pucks?  No, Goody’s Ball Hockey uses an orange ball hockey ball.

Interested? Please send us an email at info@goodysballhockey.com or click HERE to find information on our program.


When can I register? Registration period is March 1st to April 30th.

How do I register? You could register online by clicking HERE.

Woops! I filled out some information incorrectly. How do I fix this? That’s alright! Please tell us what was filled out incorrectly by sending us an email at info@goodysballhockey.com

The level I want to register for is full. What do I do now?  When a level is full, we always start a waitlist. Please follow these steps carefully to ensure you are appropriately waitlisted:

  • First, complete the registration form regularly, filling out all the required information.
  • Please hold off on making your payment until an opening has been confirmed with you.
  • When a spot becomes available, we will notify you and you will have 48 hours to make your payment.
  • If a spot will not be available, we will also notify you.


How much to pay? Click HERE to see the fee per level.

When is payment due? Payment – paid personally OR through financial aid – is to be received by Goody’s Ball Hockey no later than April 30, 2024. Payment received by this date ensures that a spot is reserved for the participant. Submission of the registration form alone does not finalize the registration process.

How do I pay my fee? Click HERE to payment methods accepted per level.

Do you offer financial aid? While we do not offer financial aid ourselves, there are a few programs that could cover the registration fee, depending on your eligibility for coverage. We can accept payment on your behalf from these organizations, in confidentiality. Click HERE for more details on financial aid available.

Does Goody’s Ball Hockey offer any family discounts? We are pleased to extend to you our family discount if the following criteria is met:

  1. You are registering 2 or more kids from the same immediate family (brothers/sisters, not cousins etc.)
  2. All are registered in any level except Men’s A-B-C-D, Women’s and business league.

If you meet the above criteria, the total family discount is in the amount of $30 ($15 per child).

For example: Suppose you register 2 kids who meet the above criteria and they are both in the U5 level. Total to be paid regularly for U5 is $240. Without the discount, we would expect $480 ($240 X 2). With the discount, we would expect $450 ($480 – $30 family discount).

What is Goody’s Ball Hockey’s refund policy?

A few very important things to note first:

  1. Contacting us with a request shall take place in the form of an email to info@goodysballhockey.com You MUST provide: your full name, the participant’s name and level, the reason you are requesting a refund, full mailing address including city and postal code, and telephone number we can email/call to finalize the request. A request cannot take place in the form of a conversation with any of our staff.
  2. The date you have contacted us with a refund request is the date used to count back the number of sessions which have passed. If a session for the level you are requesting to be removed from falls on the same day you make a refund request, this session is considered a session which has passed, regardless of what time we receive the refund request. Attendance of a session is an irrelevant factor.

If you are requesting a refund BEFORE April 30, 2024, no admin fee will be charged against the total amount you paid.

If you are requesting a refund AFTER April 30, 2024 but BEFORE the first session, an automatic $25.00* admin fee will be charged against the total amount you paid.

If you are requesting a refund between the day of the first session but before the fifth session begins (i.e. we must receive the request before the fifth session for your level – see point #2 above), you will be charged at an automatic $25.00* admin fee + $15.00* x # of sessions that passed (see point #2 above).

Any refund requests received after the fifth session for your level has begun cannot be processed. We apologize but no refunds will be issued.

If you believe that your request involves extenuating circumstances that fall outside of this policy, please submit a refund request explaining these circumstances. Each request will be reviewed by the appropriate personnel, who will make the decision as to whether a refund will occur.


I am a business owner and I would like to sponsor. Is this possible? Yes! Goody’s Ball Hockey is proud to have the exposure that it has, with close to 500 participants as well as their involved parents being part of our Goody’s Ball Hockey family. We are actively seeking sponsors, and have packages starting at $250. Please send us an email at info@goodysballhockey.com or 506-962-2293.