Our story

Our story starts in 2008, when two friends, Christian “Goody” Gaudet (captain of the Moncton Wildcats when they won the President Cup Trophy in 2006) and Jean-Yves Cormier (a successful engineer working for the government) formed an unofficial ball hockey league in the Moncton area, to stay physically fit during the summer while also having fun with their friends!

Christian and Jean-Yves felt it’s important to pass their expertise and passion for the sport to children and youth too, officially forming Goody’s Ball Hockey in 2009. Our organization, which started with 3 teams in our first year, now has more than 58 teams!

But we are more than a sports organization; our goal is to be a sporting movement that helps the community of Greater Moncton and surrounding areas to be healthier, happier, and connected.

How do we do this?

We promote and encourage inclusivity, diversity, and friendships when forming our teams. Everyone is welcome! For this message to hit home, our organization holds an annual anti-bullying conference with all the young participants.
We treat our players like players. Games are refereed, teams are coached*, the season’s schedule is posted ahead of time online, and statistics are uploaded to our website*.
We value the community we’re from. We are proud supporters of organizations that help economically disadvantaged youth in the region participate in sports, art, cultural and recreational activities. This is why every summer we organize a race to raise funds for various non-profit organizations such as Pro Kids and YMCA.
We know your time and money is valuable. We work very hard to make sure our offering is affordable and that you’re getting the most value for what you pay. Our team is comprised of high caliber hockey players, highly trained employees, and dedicated volunteers. We provide the t-shirt, water bottle, and a minimum of 15 games*.
We listen to you. Our lines of communication are always open, whether it’s in person, email, or phone call. We want to know what and how we can do better to make this a pleasurable experience for everyone!
Yours truly,

The Goody’s Ball Hockey Team

* This varies based on level; please inquire with us for full details.