1. Each team must have a minimum of 4 (not including goalies).
  2. Each team will decide the division that is more appropriate for their team’s skill level/experience. Organizers have the right to change the division of certain teams if it is deemed necessary.
  3. Roster changes may be permitted after the registration deadline but changes/additions must be approved by Goody’s Ball Hockey (GBH) before the team’s first game. No roster changes are allowed after a team’s first scheduled game (unless approved by GBH).
  4. Each game may be started and finished with a minimum of 3 players plus 1 goalie (below 3 players and 1 goalie will result in an automatic forfeit).
  5. Team captains must individually sign the score sheet before each game (only applicable for adult divisions).
  6. A team may decide to play without a goalie (pull their goalie) at any time during the game. Pulling a goalie will give them the opportunity to play with a fourth player.
  7. Games and periods will begin with a face-off.
  8. Younger levels will substitute after 2 minutes of play (sound of the buzzer or referee’s whistle). Older levels will substitute during play (change on the fly). Goaltenders may not be changed during a game. The only exception to changing a goaltender is due to injury. The injured goaltender would not be able to re-enter the game as a player.
  9. Hand passes are not permitted.
  10. When a goalie covers the ball, the goalies team will have 5 seconds to make a play. Opposing team will need to give the goalies team a minimum of 3 meters of space to make their play.
  11. When a ball leaves play, the re-start of play will be the nearest location from where the ball initially went out of play. The last player/goalie to have touched the ball will need to give the other team 3 meters of space. He/she also needs to wait 5 seconds to apply pressure. Goals can be scored directly from the start of play. There is no mandatory pass required (i.e. he/she could shoot and score). Benches and chairs may or may not be considered in play depending on the discretion of the referees but will remain consistent from start to finish.
  12. After a goal is scored, no face-offs are required. The team that got scored on must start behind their goal line. The team that scored will need to tag up at the middle and can then re-attack (assuming this took at least 10 seconds). However, in the last 2 minutes of play the 10 second rule is no longer applicable (i.e. team that scores would only need to tag up at the middle). *If a team does not have 3 players and a goalie ready to play for a period, a penalty shot will be awarded to the other team.
  13. Timeouts are not permitted.
  14. Shootouts are only applicable for the playoffs. If the game reaches the time limit in a tie, the teams will go into a shootout to determine the winner. Each team will select 3 players from their own roster to participate in the shootout. Each of these shooters will be given one breakaway on the opposing goaltender. The team that scores the most goals will be declared the winner. If the score remains tied after the 3 shooters, the shootout will move to a sudden death format. In a sudden death shootout, the initial shooters can only be used once the entire team has shot.


  1. There shall be no: slashing, crosschecking, high sticking, hooking, tripping, spearing, butt-ending or any other inappropriate stick work of any kind. Serious offenses shall result in the player being immediately removed from the game/tournament. Players may also face legal actions for any inappropriate offenses.
  2. Fighting is unacceptable and will always result in the player being removed from the game/tournament. GBH defines fighting as a minimum of one punch. Players may also face legal actions for any inappropriate offenses.
  3. There shall be no: body contact, checking, pushing, shoving, roughing, verbal language, game stalling or unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind. Doing so shall result in at least a penalty shot for the other team, but may be punished more severely according to the discretion of the referee and/or tournament supervisor.
  4. Too many men/women penalties occur when there are too many players involved in the play at the same time. This penalty will not be applied against the three penalties per game rule and you’re out rule.
  5. Any stick contact made with the ball that is above the waist will result in a penalty. This penalty will not be applied against the three penalties per game rule and you’re out rule.
  6. Any player that gets penalized three times during one game for incidents mentioned above will be thrown out of that game. The team will also need to play the rest of the game with one less player. Depending on the magnitude of his/her actions, the player may get more serious consequences. Also, if the actions are so severe it may lead to the disqualification of the entire team for the remainder of the tournament.

For all penalties described above, a penalty shot will be awarded to the opposite team. The play will not continue after a penalty shot. The ball will be given to the defending team behind the goal line where the standard 3 meter rule/10 second hold will take effect. Any player can take the penalty shot.

7. Slap shots are not allowed. Unintentional slap shots will result in a change of possession and the ball will be awarded to the opposing team.
Slap shots are defined as a shot that has a wind-up higher than the waist line. If a player is committing this infraction on purpose, this will result in a penalty shot.

Slap shots (unless intentional) will not be applied against the three penalties per game rule and you’re out rule.


  1. Players are required to have a stick, running shoes and a helmet at all time. Participants under the age of 19 (U20 level and under) are required to have proper eye protection (full mask). This equipment will not be provided by GBH and is subject to GBH/referee inspection.
  2. Players are encouraged to wear gloves, soccer type shin pads, eye protection, mouth guard etc.
  3. Goalies should have their own equipment. The maximum width for pads is 13” and is subject to GBH/referee inspection before and during the games. Challenging the pad width can only be done by the opposing team before the game starts. Challenging the width will result in a goal for the team that is right (if the challenger is wrong he/she will get charged with a goal against).
  4. A limited number of goalie equipment will be made available for use. This will be free of charge and on a rent free basis. Returning this equipment immediately after the game is MANDATORY.
    Other Rules


  1. During the tournaments, schedules are subject to change. Each team is advised to check the Master Schedule for all the scheduled game times and rink information. Please note that if you leave the rink, you might miss a game or event due to a change in schedule.
  2. If a player gets cut and is bleeding, he/she can only re-enter the game only if the blood has stopped leaking.
  3. Drugs are not permitted at any GBH event. Alcohol consumption is only permitted for players above the legal age in designated / licensed locations. If a player or fan violates this rule, he/she will be escorted out of the facility by a GBH employee or arena staff member. The rest of the player’s or fan’s team could also be eliminated from the tournament.