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Financial Aid

We can accept payment on your behalf by way of financial aid, in confidentiality.

The below programs are not administered by us and we do not make any decision. You must contact the programs directly and fill out the required forms to determine your eligibility.

Note that to finalize your registration payment is due to Goody's Ball Hockey by everyone on April 30, 2019. In the event that you submit the form late and would like to secure your spot, then you are required to personally pay the registration fee - we will refund you the amount you personally paid (less $11.50 admin fee) once we receive the financial aid payment however please contact us first if this applies to you since this is a case by case basis.

It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that 100% of the fee (including HST) is paid for, either through any of these programs, personally, or a combination of both. If full payment is not received by April 30, 2019, we reserve the right to nullify your registration.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO INCLUDE HST IN THE TOTAL COST YOU ARE REQUESTING TO BE COVERED - The funding requested should include the final registration price after you include HST. This is often filled out incorrectly, requiring us to collect the HST from you personally. For the total amount due, click HERE.

Where requested on the forms, the Goody’s Ball Hockey contact is: Christian Gaudet 506-962-2293



  Financial Aid Dieppe and Memramcook                                                      Financial Aid Riverview



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